Pricing - IR Scan

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infrared (thermal) imaging pricing


Energy Efficiency Scan performed along with your Home Inspection

With a Professional Report .......$325.00

Without a Professional Report...$125.00


If a home inspection is not required, my IR scan pricing is as follows....

Hourly IR Scan............$195.00 an hour

Travel time..................$95.00 (under 45 miles from Methuen, Ma.)

Professional Report.....$225.00 = $515 total


Example Pricing (Without a Home Inspection)

A typical Energy Efficiency infrared scan on a home with 2,000 - 3,000 square feet commonly takes me approximately one hour to scan. This includes the actual thermal scan, downloading the images, then carefully interpreting and explaining my findings directly to you on-site. You also have this time to consult with me as to "How you can properly correct the deficiencies that were detected with the Infrared Imaging". I will then need to go to my office to upload, fine tune and format all images in order to effectively design a Professional IR Report based on my findings of your home.

The fee on this specific example will be $515.00. Larger homes (over 4,000 sq. ft.) typically add-on an additional hour.



If my IR scan (or personal consultation) runs for more than one hour on-site, then an additional fee of $195.00 per hour will apply. Also, if the space that I’m thermally scanning is a very large commercial space and requires additional office time (due to the size of the report), then an additional fee of $195.00 per hour will also apply due to my time designing your commercial IR report.

Once my infrared scan is complete, all my images and findings will be compiled into a Professional Report (at my office) and emailed to you (in .PDF format) within 24 to 48 hours.