About Thermal Imaging

See What's Really Going On!

ir image of open window

Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of any object in a dark environment by detecting the objects' infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information. Everything from heat loss, faulty wiring (whether it is in the wall or exposed), the presence of concealed Termites (certain conditions must exist), concealed wet or missing insulation and even mold build-up will affect the surrounding temperature of a surface. Heat-sensitive photography (Infrared) can basically reveal many serious issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography.

My infrared camera enables me to detect extremely small but crucial heat patterns from one area of a structure to another. Even though thermal anomalies are invisible to the eye, temperature variations will clearly display on my infrared camera’s view screen as “cold” or “hot” areas. These areas will contain color variations along with excessive temperature differentials if hidden issues are lurking behind surfaces of your building. The spectrum's of light on my infrared camera screen will allow me to analyze what’s going on behind concealed areas throughout your building and if any anomolies exist, they will quickly be indentified.

As you and I walk through your building, I will be pointing out any areas of concern and then interpreting my IR camera readings directly to you. These readings and images will be "saved" for insertion into your final infrared report. This IR report will be your blueprint to energy savings. Without utilizing my infrared camera, there may be hidden defects that can normally go undetected in the course of my standard visual inspection. Infrared cameras are the latest technology that is being utilized today for fast, reliable, and accurate building diagnosis in the entire range of building problems. It is now recognized as the most effective and least intrusive of all building diagnostic procedures. Thermal imaging allows me to easily locate an array of hidden building conditions with astonishing speed and accuracy.

Allow me to walk you through your building. My infrared camera will reveal concealed issues within the walls and ceilings of your building within minutes of my arrival. Call me today.