Structural Issues Behind Finished Walls

See What's Really Going On!

detect wall construction

Have you ever wondered what is really going on behind the walls of your home? Well, now it's possible. Thermal imaging enables me to view the concealed framing members and structural components behind your finished walls. In order for thermal imaging to become effective, it’s crucial to have a temperature difference of at least ten degrees fahrenheit between inside and outside temperatures. This difference of temperature allows me to thermally view and map out the structural members through conduction of the exterior temperature. If there any concealed issues within the structural framing, it will show differences in thermal capacity, conductivity, and other intrinsic qualities on my camera screen, also known as an anomaly.

Under the right conditions, any missing or improperly fastened studs and framing members, and portions of those structural components which are damaged or installed improperly (to the extent that their intrinsic qualities are significantly changed), can be obviously detected with thermal imaging. Now isn’t it fantastic to be able to actually observe the structure (temperature differentials) behind the walls and ceilings of your home, thereby exposing any concealed issues?

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infrared line

This homeowner waited too long

rotted structure


infrared line

Infrared imaging will expose your wall cavities

detect studs and wiring

infrared line

You can clearly see here that infrared (thermal) imaging will detect all wall construction (and insulation) behind your walls

detect wall studs