Boiler heating zone issues

See What's Really Going On!

Are you having boiler issues or discovering that you have heating zones or radiators that are not heating as intended?

Allow me to thermally scan your entire heating system and its components to quickly assess the situation and pinpoint where the anomalies lie while your heating system remains in full operation. My thermal scanning will be a non-contact and nondestructive evaluation as there is no need to interrupt your heating system while it is in operation or to plan for costly boiler shutdowns.

I will thermally scan your residential or commercial boiler under normal loads and operating conditions. By performing an infrared scan of your boiler in ‘real time’ my thermal imaging will help you understand the practical impacts of emerging or existing boiler and component issues.

Thermal imaging will map out your entire heating system in minutes and this allows me to locate the problem instantly.

infrared line

The boiler zones are all activated, but infrared detects non-heating zone issues

infrared line

The boiler zones are all activated, but the opposite end still detects non-heating zone issues